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lahdi dah

2011-01-23 02:07:15 by K-Hole

Oi! i need a new post here.

I work at a buffalo wild wings.. now its your turn. . .

sweet tooth

2010-11-10 16:34:52 by K-Hole

not gunna post this in my twisted metal thread yet... i might but i might just get more done before i post it.

I dont know how i like his body yet!!

sweet tooth

Draw my face thread

2010-11-05 01:28:08 by K-Hole

Imna post my contribution to whatever that thread is called in the art forum where people are drawing other peopls pics.

I got all into mine ha.. its the most fun when you don't care about the outcome... and generally that makes the outcome pretty damn good.

Draw my face thread